Facilitating and Moderating

The perfect host or moderator will make your event seamless.

That is the skill – running the event to time, agenda and navigating any problems efficiently so that your audience does not even notice there was an issue.

Moderating a panel and audience discussion requires authority, skill and complete understading of the topic. Also the ability to question properly and keep the event moving forward. Handling live audience Q&A and controlling the event are essential.

Then there is the connection with the audience, one of the most important traits of your host.

Maxine Mawhinney is an exceptional host and moderator. She has an incisive mind and incredible interviewing skills from her years at the top of broadcast journalism.

She also handles audiences with authority, warmth and humour – a rare combination which on stage will make your event extremely successful and memorable.

Maxine has hosted events around the world for major companies from the worlds of finance, pharma, communications,  journalism, women in leadership to name a few.

She has hosted glittering award ceremonies and moderated high level panels on subjects ranging from Brexit to the role of older women in society to the issues of medical negligence.

Maxine is an extremely versatile host who, as one client remarked, ‘can handle anything under the sun’

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To book Maxine please contact Sylvia Tidy-Harris on sylvia@sthmanagement.co.uk


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