I was delighted to be the keynote speaker at Disney in London for International Women’s Day 2017.

The theme was Be Bold for Change.

So I took the audience on my journey from young newspaper reporter in Northern Ireland to one of the BBC’s top TV news anchors in London.

It was a journey defined by a number of ‘crossroads moments’ (where I had the option of taking one path or another) and a series of telephone calls.

It was a talk designed to inspire and motivate, to show that sometimes you have to take chances and believe in yourself, and that through hard work you can achieve your goal.

As most of my career as a foreign correspondent was before the internet, social media and mobile phones it made the audience think about how information, and news in particular, was disseminated. Then, people waited to hear the latest. Now the latest can sometimes be what happened 10 seconds ago courtesy of social media. Today no-one likes to wait.

The Q&A afterwards threw up thoughts of fake news, instant access to news, news via outlets such as Facebook and speculation of how we will access news and information in the future.