Maxine Mawhinney is an international, award-winning journalist with an astonishing career spanning over 40 years. Until April 2017 she had been one of the BBC’s senior news anchors and journalists for 21 years.

From Belfast, Northern Ireland, her career has spanned the globe – she has lived and worked in Ireland, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Washington DC.

Among many major news events she has covered the Clinton presidency, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the trial of OJ Simpson, the assassination of Rajiv Ghandi and the troubles of Northern Ireland.

She has anchored the news on BBC One, the BBC News Channel and presented Dateline London aswell as current affairs and lifestyle programmes. Maxine is also a top radio presenter. Her soft Northern Ireland accent lends itself to many types of broadcasting.

Maxine is a sought after global keynote speaker, conference faciliator, host and panel moderator .

She is a senior faculty member at The Karoninska Institute  in Stockholm on the Leadership and Communications programme.

She is on the board of the Irish International Business Network  (

In May 2015 she deliverd at TEDx talk on time in the 24 hour news environment at the TEDx Whitehall Women event